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Some nice trucks we’ve seen in Morocco

This is a collection of snaps of various interesting overland vehicles we’ve met, or camped near, or saw on the road. Thought folks would get a kick out of seeing them.

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Where is Moglander? 24 March 2012

Hi Folks, We are just outside Agadir on a large camp site called “Atlantic Park”. It’s like a little bit of Europe transplanted into Morocco mainly catering for retired Europeans in their larger camper vans. I think they are looking at us as if we fell out of the sky! We’re in a camp site … Continue reading »

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4 seasons in one day – Moroccan weather can be full of surprises

We’re Irish. We are pretty much used to all kinds of weather. We even have a weather stone with us to know what the weather is doing. We leave it outside the window, and keep an eye on it. The way it works in Ireland is that if the stone is wet, it’s raining. If … Continue reading »

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How high is your bread bin?

In the town of Amtoudi (Also known as Id Aissa) they used to store their grain up high. Very high up in whats called an agadir, fortified granary, with towers and ramparts sitting on the spur of a hill. Just look at the walls on top of the cliffs, and at this stage we are … Continue reading »

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Happy St. Patricks Day!

Just to say happy St. Patricks Day!     The Irishness inside the Mog is bursting out!   Today only: Free Irish Coffee’s to anyone who calls round 🙂  

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A Tough life – for Man and Machine

Seeing as some folks were interested in the old plant equipment, here are another few shots of the gear. When I was taking them, the guy that looked after things at the yard (meaning the area fenced in by the rusty wire) came over to see what I was doing. We had no language in … Continue reading »

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