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4 seasons in one day – Moroccan weather can be full of surprises

Posted by on March 20, 2012

We’re Irish. We are pretty much used to all kinds of weather. We even have a weather stone with us to know what the weather is doing. We leave it outside the window, and keep an eye on it. The way it works in Ireland is that if the stone is wet, it’s raining. If you cannot see the stone, it’s raining heavily, foggy,  snowing or it’s night time. If the stone is dry however, that means it’s about to rain. Pretty foolproof!

Dawn light in Tafroute, Morocco

So far in Morocco, the stone has stayed dry, and it’s not rained yet. We thought the stone was broken. Until today, when the stone was correct.


We had sunshine in the morning, and I got a lovely dawn shot of the Mog. All was well with the world, so we decided to go for a bit of a cycle to see Ait Mansour, which is a palmerie (place with Palm trees – and therefore water) which is in a gorge.   And as the day was nice, we thought we would take the bikes.




Sarah disappears down the road

Then, we got a few light clouds, that was super as it was a bit hot for cycling. The route was super through the gorge, with stunning views of villages on the hill side.









Then, the light clouds waited until we had cycled about 6km from the Mog, and decided they would switch from “pleasant autumn” to “deepest winter”. They teased us a little at first with a light shower, then let loose with hailstones and thunder!  Click on the link for proof!

Winter Weather


But when we packed up to head back to our camping spot, The weather decided to give us a treat. This is what we saw, remember, always click on the photo to see it properly.

view from outside Tafraoute



Sun, rain and light

Even the mountains lined up nice for us.

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