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Author Archives: merv

About merv

Merv is the Photographer on this trip

Chiloe Island off the coast of Chile

As it had been a number of weeks since our last boat trip our sea- legs were wondering what was happening so we decided to do a trip to Chiloe Island. We boarded the ferry in Puerto Chacabuco and supposedly 28 hours later we were to disembark in Quellon in the south of Chiloe Island … Continue reading »

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Highlights of the Atlantic Coast of Argentina!

As we were back on the road after our hiccup we headed to the Atlantic Coast to see the whales.  However, we didn’t get to see as many as we would have wished as we were a few weeks after the peak viewing time, but nevertheless we did see some. I guess even when travelling … Continue reading »

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Ever need a Gomeria in a hurry? Puncture on the Mog.

We were almost bound to get a puncture at some point, and I guess it happened “easy”. For luck Sarah was out of the truck taking a hike, and I had stopped a few KM down the road waiting for her. I hopped out of the truck and heard air coming out of somewhere, and … Continue reading »

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Iguazu Bikers Hostel – Brazilian Hospitality

After seeing the Iguazu falls from the Argentinian side, we decided to go into Brazil for a few days to see it from that side, and also to help with a visa issue. Off we went to Iguazu Bikers Hostel. When you arrive in Argentina, they give you a 90 day visa, valid from the day … Continue reading »

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Mission Improbable – the Jesuits in the Jungle

About 400 years ago, someone had a bright idea. Wouldn’t it be cool to head off into the jungles of south america, and build grand complexes where a whole new lifestyle could be tried out. All that is left of this era is a collection of old ruins, patches of ground that the jungle is … Continue reading »

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Freighter Cruiser Grande San Paolo – a look inside

It’s taken a while to get enough bandwith to upload some video, but we have finally managed it. This gives a look inside the Grande San Paolo to give a feel for what it’s like. Before you go looking at them, you better get a coffee, ideally with a few biscuits.  Not a large coffee as … Continue reading »

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