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Communications on the road

As we are on the road, it’s not as easy to get in touch with us as it might be for most folks. We can spend days out of cell phone coverage, and days from Internet access. So, what happens then?

Email: this works great! We get to read it when ever we get online, and can respond no matter what time of day or night. Our email addresses are merv at and sarah at Note that the email address you type in does not use “at” but uses “@” instead. We write it with an “at” so that spam robots do not find them.  Our personal email addresses also work.

Irish cell phones: these are not great! We get ok coverage in some places, but since we changed to pay as you go, they really suck! UPDATE: These are working in South America, but expensive as heck. Please call us on the skype number!

Sat phone: we have a satellite phone stashed away and you can call us on that, +870776498979   It can also receive texts, but not from vodafone ireland it seems! We can use this to receive free short messages that you can send via the web, just go to the following URL and punch in our number, your number and the message and hit send. It costs you nothing!  This is what you do:

  • Click here: Inmarsat
  • Key in our satphone number +870776498979
  • enter in your email or phone number
  • Enter in your message
  • Accept the tickbox (Sorry!)
  • hit send.


Skype: my name is mervifwdc, and sarah uses that too. Good for instant messages too, thought the concept of instant is a little funny to us now. We also have a skype dublin phone number: 01 442 8149 This is a skype on-line number that anyone can call. It’s going to be a cheap call in Dublin and it rings on our computer when we are on-line. It’s also got a voicemail facility, so it’s easy to leave us a message.


Local Number: We have an argentinian phone number, 1137585838 that you can get us on.

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