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Whats the Plan?

We have traveled a fair bit around the world. In just about everywhere we’ve found Irish folks working. Cops in New York. Barmen in Regina. Guides in South Africa. Volunteers in NGO’s

But as well as the regular jobs, we’ve also found folks working as volunteers with NGO and other organisations. These are the ones that you don’t hear about, and you don’t see what they are doing. We see some of the big stuff, such as the Niall Mellon Township Trust but you rarely hear of the school teacher that works abroad for 6 months, or the IT professional that works in Fiji for 6 weeks minding kids, or the Quality Assurance expert that teaches IT skills to teachers in Uganda.

We think it’s about time that these stores were documented, photographed and told.

We plan to do this with some assistance from the Ted Simon Foundation, who work with travelers to help them get their message out there.

So, if anyone knows of any Irish people working in South America on any project that deserves to have some publicity, let us know!  We, Merv and Sarah, would love to help out any worthwhile NGO’s, projects and worthy causes that we can while on our travels. We can only do this if we find out about them!


The above was written in 2012 as we were setting off. It’s now 2019, and we are home in Ireland and working away refilling the piggy bank. The desire to travel is there, but has been satisfied to a large extent by this trip.

So, the current plan is to work, enjoy life and our families, and save hard to go again!

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