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The hubs and axles

We have had a bit of hub trouble.


The first was in Italy where we had to get the kingpins replaced on the left side front axle.


and again in Argentina, where we now have to to get the rear left wheel bearings replaced.

The rear hub, with the wheel carrier and disk removed. To remove these, you just need to remoae the disk pads, not the calipers.


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What it looks like with the hub and brake caliper removed:

Hub with half shaft. Click photo for lager image


bit of light maintenance in the camp site….

This face of the gear is where the rollers of the large bearing run


Drive gear from the hub

We have a blog post about fixing this, and the sport we had with UPS getting the parts shipped into Argentina. Many thanks to the brilliant Atkinson Vos company in England for sorting us out.

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