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Tagged With: Preparation

Paperwork and Planning

This is all about our route planning and documentation of our overland journey. When we decided to make this trip, I knew that Merv would be photographing everything that walked, talked, crawled, drove or stayed still long enough. And I know that a picture is worth a thousand words, but a picture with no words … Continue reading »

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French or carpentry?

Back in the 80’s international languages did not really seem too important to me, so when we had a choice to do carpentry or French in school, I figured that being able to converse with our European colleagues once a year on holidays was less important than being able to make a decent dovetail joint … Continue reading »

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Some updates for Moglander

4×4 camper preperation At this stage we are 1 month from setting off on our trip. We have been busy getting some work done to our truck, getting our paperwork in order, learning spanish at night (Hola!) and so on. I wanted to say a huge thanks to Dermot Gillespie from Gillespie Traillers for doing … Continue reading »

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