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Feeling Fruity on a Finca in San Rafael

We have been traveling long enough now to start wondering what it’s like to stop. We are not sure what that’s like, and are not sure we like the idea of stopping. What if we cannot get jobs? What if we do not like the jobs we can get? What if we hate the weather … Continue reading »

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A trip into the mountains – Picos de Europa

We are on our way through the mountains in Picos de Europa, and it’s spectacular! And it seems we’re not the only people to think so. We spotted this Dutch truck today, but didn’t get to meet the owners. and you would be right to think that’s not so strange, seeing another truck on the road. well, … Continue reading »

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How high is your bread bin?

In the town of Amtoudi (Also known as Id Aissa) they used to store their grain up high. Very high up in whats called an agadir, fortified granary, with towers and ramparts sitting on the spur of a hill. Just look at the walls on top of the cliffs, and at this stage we are … Continue reading »

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Rice farming in Spain

I did’nt even know they farmed rice in Spain, but they do. I did expect to go to a national park for some photography, and I did. But there were no birds there. Rice Farming Then I discovered where they all went. At this time of the year the farmers are tilling the remains of … Continue reading »

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