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A trip into the mountains – Picos de Europa

Posted by on May 22, 2012

We are on our way through the mountains in Picos de Europa, and it’s spectacular! And it seems we’re not the only people to think so. We spotted this Dutch truck today, but didn’t get to meet the owners.

Nice Mercedes 1113 camper.

and you would be right to think that’s not so strange, seeing another truck on the road. well, the thing is we were well off the beaten path when we saw it, and the clouds were coming down, and there were bears around (or so we were told…)

Picos de Europa

Bear looks on the campers like I look on cans of Tuna. Full of nice things to eat.

And it got stranger. Sarah convinced me to go for a walk! And here is proof of that.

Picos de Europa

yes, I do walk sometimes, and yes, that is the mog in the distance.


Farm vehicles in Picos de Europa

The locals have really neat machines they use for agriculture, a cross between a quad, dumper, tractor and trailer.

the trailer is used as a cab…

tractor from the side

The scenery is stunning!

N621 in the mountains, heading towards Potes from Riano. Sarah took this one while on the move.

This was the view at lunchtime:

lunch time views were never like this

just to prove we were there..

On the road, we explored a few villages, and saw some really nice old doors, with the timber full of cracks and weathering.

Secure? I think not.

bw closeup

And the villages are really nice.

Sarah exploring a village

How long did it take you to read this, and maybe click on a few of the photos to see a “proper” version of them? 30 seconds? a minute perhaps? That’s about how long it took the clouds to descend on the Mog and the Mercedes. Scary thought!


This guide to the Picos de Europa could be useful if you plan to go there.

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