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How high is your bread bin?

Posted by on March 18, 2012

In the town of Amtoudi (Also known as Id Aissa) they used to store their grain up high. Very high up in whats called an agadir, fortified granary, with towers and ramparts sitting on the spur of a hill.

High cliffs holding up high walls.

Just look at the walls on top of the cliffs, and at this stage we are on top of the hill.


The top! With the valley in the background


Path is twisty and steep










It’s a tough climb but well worth it.


Mules and Donkeys are used to bring tourists up to the grain store


The path to the top









Of course, Merv insisted that we walk.











Each of these roofs is a store room. We liked the morning light on the roofs


Inside some of the rooms, there are cubby holes

In the cubby holes there are wicker containers


Barley is grown on every scrap of ground where water can be used to irrigate it.


Barley is a very important crop in Morocco








Amtoudi grain store

Top of the rock – well worth the climb

5 Responses to How high is your bread bin?

  1. Allie Diomede

    Just wondering what the reasoning behind it is? Any idea why they stored it so high up? was it to protect it from something? If so what?

  2. merv

    Allie, the reasoning behind it was for safety to protect it from bandits,rival tribes as it was built 800 years ago in a much more lawless time. Bit like Tullamore in the 1970’s

  3. A.Colton

    Hm my bread bin is a bit like a filing cabnet!

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