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Some updates for Moglander

Posted by on November 27, 2011

4×4 camper preperation

At this stage we are 1 month from setting off on our trip. We have been busy getting some work done to our truck, getting our paperwork in order, learning spanish at night (Hola!) and so on.

I wanted to say a huge thanks to Dermot Gillespie from Gillespie Traillers for doing some superb custom work for us. We wanted some storage boxes underneath the camper body, and wanted them strong, lockable, and to maximise every inch of space we had available to us. Dermot agreed to make them up, so I ended up moving into his factory for a few days, and the moglander got a few jobs done.










Next, we were able to do good measurements, and as a custom job, we made them use all the space we could.  Once measured, the 2mm steel plate was cut, shaped and welded pretty quickly.












Then it came time to fit them.







We welded brackets to the truck, then bolted on the boxes, It would have been quicker to weld the boxes on, but then if they ever needed repair it would be a trickier job.




Also, we discussed making them from lighter material, but the advantage that steel has is that it can be welded in just about any garage on the planet.






Once they were on, my 2 hard working nieces helped Sarah with the painting.

First, all the steel was cleaned. The grey color is the primer.







Then, the insides were painted white so that they were nice and bright and clean.








Sarah applies the finishing touches. We went with black so it would be easy to patch up over the years.






We are still working on a few more bits and pieces, which is why we’ve been too busy to keep the blog updated. We hope to be on-line more once we are on the road!

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