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All Part of the Adventure

We sometimes get asked what was the biggest problem we have had to overcome on our trip. That’s a tricky one to answer, but I think the process of making the decision to go in the first place was the biggest problem. Logic and common sense are usually a part of our decision making process, … Continue reading »

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7 Tips for managing digital photographs while overland traveling

Fast cameras do a few things very well, and filling up cards and disks is one of them. It may not be something that we really want to happen, but with the best will in the world it does happen. When you are overland traveling, that brings its own issues. This post is about how … Continue reading »

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Freighter Cruiser Grande San Paolo – a look inside

It’s taken a while to get enough bandwith to upload some video, but we have finally managed it. This gives a look inside the Grande San Paolo┬áto give a feel for what it’s like. Before you go looking at them, you better get a coffee, ideally with a few biscuits. ┬áNot a large coffee as … Continue reading »

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Back to School. Again!

Buenos dias Senora y Senor! El Lunes, Martes, Miercoles y Jueves estamos en Villanueva (Basque Region in Northern Spain) aprendemos Espanol con Aurelio. Aurelio deletreia similar a el emperador Marcus Aurelios, Gladiators jefe. Cerca de Villanueva esta bonita ciudad se llama Frias y es pequena. Esta tercero pequena ciudad en mundo. Merv conduce Sarah y … Continue reading »

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Paperwork and Planning

This is all about our route planning and documentation of our overland journey. When we decided to make this trip, I knew that Merv would be photographing everything that walked, talked, crawled, drove or stayed still long enough. And I know that a picture is worth a thousand words, but a picture with no words … Continue reading »

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French or carpentry?

Back in the 80’s international languages did not really seem too important to me, so when we had a choice to do carpentry or French in school, I figured that being able to converse with our European colleagues once a year on holidays was less important than being able to make a decent dovetail joint … Continue reading »

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