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Back to School. Again!

Posted by on June 15, 2012

Buenos dias Senora y Senor!

El Lunes, Martes, Miercoles y Jueves estamos en Villanueva (Basque Region in Northern Spain) aprendemos Espanol con Aurelio. Aurelio deletreia similar a el emperador Marcus Aurelios, Gladiators jefe. Cerca de Villanueva esta bonita ciudad se llama Frias y es pequena. Esta tercero pequena ciudad en mundo. Merv conduce Sarah y Auerlio en el Moglander. Esta a cuarenta kilometros en unimog. Nostros hablamos sobre palabras com orilla, rio , puente, arboles y la iglesia. Nostros ir de compramos y nostros comprar el tomato, los manzanas, la leche, y pan y cebolla. Villanueva hay un bar cos , y ayuntamiento grande. La biblioteca en al ayuntamiento con wifi. Hay rio y un puento en tiene fente del ayuntamiento.

Sarah, Aurelio and Merv

view from our classroom in the library

We spent the last 4 days learning more Spanish, omg we still have more to learn but are getting there slowly. It was a very different way of teaching in so far as we did not spend the whole time in a classroom situation, (hence no need for endless cups of coffee to keep us awake) instead our teacher Aurelio took us to see places of interest for example a beautiful old Castillo and we talked about everything around it, plus we learned all about the history of it.



the church in Frias.

We were in everyday situations with him, another example we went to the supermarket with him, can’t survive without food, so hence we spent a while here, a huge amount of new words to learn!.. As we were driving along, walking along we would ask him things like ‘how do we say’ ‘where can I find a coffee shop’ ‘is it okay to park here’. He always spoke to us in Spanish, very seldom used any English only when WE REALLY got stuck and could’nt understand fully what he was trying to explain to us.

Our drive across from Bilbao to this village of Villanueva was very twisty and indeed very wet and foggy. On part of the journey we could not see either side of us due to the fog, a pity really as I’m sure the view would have been quite spectacular, as we were very high up, around 1200 metres.

The roads in the mountains can be covered by cloud.

gps tells us of a twisty road ahead. Steep enough for our ears to pop.

We stayed just outside the village with a lovely view of the mountains.

The view in the mornings from our wild campsite in Villamueava.

in some villages, they have some waste ground that you can chance camping on.

We also went into the proper campsite for a night to do our Laundry and the mundane jobs that need doing on the trip. You are not allowed to light fires or bbq’s just anywhere in Spain, and one advantage of formal campsites is that some of them let you light BBQ’s and we finally managed to BBQ the last of our chicken (the last of the meat we bought with Robin and Claire all those Months ago!), with the bbq tucked in close to the wheel of the mog so as to keep the rain and wind away, where is the summer in Spain?

chicken on the bbq.


We are parked at the moment in the La Rioja wine region in a little place called Haro, Merv is in his element, so don’t be alarmed if you see a ‘wobbly ‘post from us. !

Here we watched Irlanda v Espana last night, our Fields of Athenry performance was fairly well drowned out by all the Spaniards, VAMOS!, even though the vino was €1 per glass we failed to drown our sorrows when Spain beat us.

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