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Some nice trucks we’ve seen in Morocco

Posted by on March 27, 2012
Nice trucks that are set up for overland travel - photo

We never got to meet the owner of this nice overland unimog. Parked beside them at Fes.

This is a collection of snaps of various interesting overland vehicles we’ve met, or camped near, or saw on the road. Thought folks would get a kick out of seeing them.

They had country badges for loads of spots – interesting places, but did’nt seem to have a very secure truck. Seems to have worked out ok for them.

Many trucks are quiet and subtle. Not all of them….

Even Toyotas are able to make their way around Morocco…..

this 4x4 volvo overland truck was heading for Capetown

This Volvo was on it’s way to Capetown

Volvo with the trailer.

This truck was used to collect sand from the beach. Loaded by shovel.

Traffic Jam!

This is a Mowag. We’ve seen 2 of them, so we know it’s not just 1 guy with a sense of humour!

We got to chat with the owner of this Mowag – Nice truck!

The Mowag has it’s air pre-filter just in front of the windscreen. Handy…

Taking on water

Hilda is the boss. Enough said.


German Unimog, which has been to china, South America and South Africa. It’s a 1500L, carries 1000L of diesel and began life as a fire truck.

This older model mog made a living delivering water and bread to fishermen, and collecting their fish.

1300L (same as ours) with a bimobil camper on it. Tasty!

major opening at the back of the mog! Great for those warm days.

Mogs getting along and playing nice

This one is noise cooled…..

And i have to include this one, the Salt truck that is still working today….

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