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Trevor visits the Moglander, and thinks he is on a holiday

Posted by on June 5, 2012

Trev is a buddy of ours who has been instrumental in our landrover being kept in tip top shape over the last few years. He has received calls about some minor, and also some major issues to be sorted with the Defender, and always sorted us out. So when Sarah was going to be in Paris for 10 days, Trev and I arranged for him to come visit the Mog in Spain, and to have a week of fun in the sun, so to speak. Trev was looking forward to a week away from Landrovers, and away from work. Or so he thought….

What Trevor thought that Trevor would be doing.

What Merv thought Trev would be doing

Communication about the trip may not have been the best, there were very different hopes and dreams about what the week would bring. Its easier for me to explain in photos.

So, the week started off with different ideas about what was ahead. It took a bit of figuring out to get a balanced view of what we should do each day.

Who Trevor thought would be in charge. The desert fox.

How happy Merv thought Trev would be when allowed to work on the Mog.

But it was’nt too bad. Once we got a few things sorted out, all went well.

Some serious work did get completed. “WE” cleaned out the Air Brake controller which had started to leak air and stoped the leak, “WE” got the air horn finally fitted, and “WE” rotated the tyres. The Air Horn was a farewell gift that was given to us on the way to the ferry, so it never got installed before we left. The Mog now sound like a proper truck.

Trev looking more puzzled than Merv was happy with. (That's the Mogs air brakes in his hand)

What the Mog wanted from Trev's visit

So, the Mog is now running as well as could be expected. It stops when requested and roars when requested. The tyres are rotated. The spare which was new, is now being used, and each 12,000km or so, we will rotate them again.

We also installed an extra PCL fitting, which means that we have an air supply right at the passenger front wheel which makes pumping tyres much easier than before

Not bad for a week of being eaten out of house and home…

Merv thought that Trev would make a great guinnea pig for his experimental Moroccan cooking. Trev had not counted on this.

And of course, there have been great words and wishes of encouragement on facebook from some mutual friends who had a pretty good idea what the week would be like.

What everyone else knew would happen

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