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The Kingpin is Dead. Long live the King

Posted by on July 21, 2012

Mercedes Unimog kingpin

Trevors parting words were “Get the king pin sorted”. We wondered how serious it was, but as I was told to grease it ever week till it was sorted, we figured he was telling us how serious it was. My sister Allie found a mercedes unimog garage in Northern Italy that could do the job, and we went up to see them after Lynda’s wedding. (Funny how half my siblings live in Italy…).

So, we went to see Emil, in the unimog centre,  to see if he could help us out. It was quite funny as he had no english, and he was explaining with great passion and arm waving how serious the kingpin was, and Paul who was translating seemed to be toning it down and explaining what was wrong with a gentle shrug of the shoulders. Once we agreed what was to be done, they kept the mog for 3 days, sorted the king pin, gave it a full set of filters and fluids and had us back on the road again in time to get back to Milan for another family get together.

Emil is rightly proud of his handywork.


Mercedes Unimog kingpin and hub

Inside in this super clean front hub is a non-banjaxed kingpin


Emil and his team

While the Mog was in the garage, we stayed 3 nights at a local hotel, and neither of us were used to the space after 6 months living in Moglander. Nice and all as the hotel was, we were glad to get back “home” to our truck.

Door locks

Once we got back to Milan, I discovered I had lost the keys to the rear storage boxes, and we had to get new locks. We went to Mr Camper to get this sorted, and they managed to remove a lock barrel, get a key cut and get the barrel back installed, so we now have access to all 5 lockers again. I’m not going to say more, but it depressed me how easy they got access 🙁 They did a great tidy job though!

Mr. Campers team

Now that the mog is back operational again, we’re on the way. We are now in Northern France having spent a few great days with my Mum and Dad.


We paid a visit to a little town called Beaune, and stayed in a little car park on the edge of the town. The next morning we awoke to find a market in full swing right beside us, so we had a little potter about.

Coffee in Beaune

And yes, my dad is a keen photographer too.

no self respecting french market would be without it’s garlic stand

Too many market days would leave poor Frank like a basket case


Our boat to South America is delayed a few days, we are taking the time to visit some friends in Belgium. There may be Irish Coffee involved…..


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