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The Enduro – Bikes at last!

Posted by on March 8, 2012

I’ve been a bit of a closet biker for quite a few years. I went through all the right motions when I was a kid, managing to get my first bike before I was 16, and having a trail of dirt bikes of one kind or another until I discovered that going round a track in a 4×4 did’nt hurt as much, and meant you did’nt get as wet. Usually.  I still hanker after bikes, and all the bits that go with them. I’m currently reading Sam Manicom‘s “Into Africa”, which I can recommend! and I’m getting the itch again.

It’s like the circus came to town!

And then, like a big sharp bush to scratch myself on we discovered that an Enduro event was passing through the place we were staying! We had a few things to sort out, but made sure we got to take a look about. It brought back memories of competing in the TORC events in Ireland, with my buddy Howie riding shotgun (Actually, I think he used to let me tag along provided I did’nt slow him down too much, but that’s a story that needs a few beers..).  The event here in Morocco was run very similarly to how I remember them. These photos just give a sense of the event, which was the “Enduro D’Agadir


Rear tyre spinning, bike leaning, foot forward, front tyre light. Love it!

The event involved riding between 180 and 280km per day, off road.  In the Mog on the heavy pistes, we were doing between 15 and 40km per day! These guys hauled, and knew how to create dust! There were some really great riders in this event, and they made it look easy!


In the Gallery, there are some behind the scenes shots, and some action stuff. Where the riders are in the taped area, this is one of the special tests.

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