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Sarah’s Journal – Moroccan desert.

Posted by on April 4, 2012

Hi Folks,

Sarah’s Journal is a place of Mystery, where I’m only allowed to look once it’s updated, and then I’m supposed to have taken the photos to go with the stories. It’s a pretty tricky process that I’m still figuring out! Anyway, I thought you might like a peek inside….

February 12th

Sarah's Journal - 13th Feb 2012

Sarah's Journal, 13th Feb page 2

Sarah's Jounal - Feb 14th

Sarah's Journal Feb 14 part 3

Sarah's Journal - Feb 14 last page.

I have to say, top marks to Peter from Bikershome, He helped out Claire and Robin when their Toyota broke down, exploded, went on fire, blew up, went nuclear, melted, caught malaria, had the runs and farted like a Guinness drinker after a feed of onion and sprout sangers.

Also you have have noticed the the priorities changed to getting our hands on tickets for the French Open in Roland Garros (RG). I am happy to report that the said tickets have been successfully acquired, and the journal author will be on her way to watching tennis in Paris in June.

And yes, I brought my wife to a Pizza joint for valentines night. TIA. This Is Africa!

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