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Anyone for the Blue’s?

Posted by on March 1, 2012

Sarah chances a big climb, Click the picture to see her

Or maybe some rock and roll? just a few Km outside of Tafaroute, the painted blue rocks of Belgian artist Jean Veran can be seen. These are pretty big, so we put the mog in a few photos to show the size of them. I had thought they would have faded over the years, but they are lasting well!

I'm convinced these rocks move, and try to hide!

This one looked like a face...













The rocks were very like the rock we saw in Moab, Utah years ago.

Peek a boo!

close big, small far away. Any Ted fans?

2 Responses to Anyone for the Blue’s?

  1. Micheal Cusackcusack

    hey folks, you do not know me but i joined celbridge camera club in september and completed
    the camera course, i was at your talk in the club before you set off on your advanture ,i will be looking forward to hearing your stories on your return. i was in glendalough yesterday taking a few photos
    on the upper lake for a nature competition in the club, and its was a lovely sunny day, when i saw a couple taking photos whom i spoke to.
    one thing lead to another and it was your mother and father what a small world, we had a good
    chat about your advanture. i have been following your tour.

    regards micheal cusack

  2. admin

    Hi Michael,

    It really is a small world! Great to here that there are more folks catching the photography bug!

    I really appreciate you taking the time to say hi, and I hope you enjoy whatever images we manage to get on the remainder of our trip.


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