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You put the left foot in, the left foot out….

Posted by on February 23, 2012

Cutting out the sole from a template

In a little village in the mountains in Morocco, the people have to be very self sufficient. That includes footwear, from Design, Prototype, Manufacture, Quality Control and distribution and Sales. We managed to see all that happen in about 20 minutes in a shop that measured about 6 feet by 8 feet.

There were 2 men, making shoes in a way that only years of working together can bring. They were both making and mending, but it was difficult to tell what was new and what was old. They had the templates, leather, tools and experience, and with this, they did it all. We did’nt see a single computer, calculator, drawing, sketch or piece of paper in the place, and still they were turning out what their customers wanted. And all done with a smile on their faces. They even made room for me to sit down while I took a few photos.

to start the polisher, he pluggd it in and then used his hand to roll the motor to get it spinning and off it went.

We did see one customer come into the shop to collect his shoes. One did’nt quite fit, but about 30 seconds of hammering and pulling on the shoe and it was just grand. Cinderella was lucky this guy wasn’t around, I think he could have got any shoe to fit any foot!

This guy was making and repairing shoes. it's a permanent shop which does massive trade on Souk day. I love his friend on the right laughing at him having his photo taken.

No matter what I tried, he would'nt look at the Camera, this is the closest I got to a portrait. Loved the light from the door.

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