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Truckin’ and cookin’

Posted by on March 14, 2012

the trusty grinder!

The Daily Grind

Well, the day starts with a coffee. Merv has been buying beans here in Morocco, and we’ve been grinding them as we go to make sure we always have fresh coffee. We’ve been trying to buy all our food here and so far it’s been working out well. It’s nice to support the locals markets.





Getting the pancakes ready...

Griddle bread, made by Claire on the camp fire.

Breakfast is usually porridge with Banana or Rasins – Merv’s with honey on top. Sometimes fruit salad with yoghurt, and sometimes pancakes. The pancakes go down well with Merv, provided he gets to put chocolate sauce on them, and probably bananas as well. For me, I go with lemon juice and a little sugar.


Griddle bread is another nice option, but the bread here is so good we usually try to buy fresh each day. Many camp sites and areas have guys that cycle between the trucks selling bread and pastries each morning. Now that’s service!




Lunch is often bread and cheese, maybe some salami (Brought from France, Italy and Spain, and almost all gone!). Merv sometimes has PBJ – Peanut butter and Jam.

This morning in the sea, this evening on our plates


Roast beef, with all the trimmings

Dinner is varied.  It sort of depends on the mood, and what we have in. We did roast beef once,and it turned out great. While the Moroccan meat looks fine, they dont create the same kinds of cuts of meat that we are used to but we have bought some mince to make Shepard’s pie, Chilli and pasta sauces (Credit goes to Lynda, who gave us a crash course in Italian cooking).


Pizza a la Mog



Everyone loves Pizza!



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