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The Shipwreck.

Posted by on March 2, 2012

Shipwreck standing proud

Morocco’s coast has a fair few shipwrecks, but not many more photographed than this one at N 29 16.787 W010 15.406. We drove here from Sidi Ifni, leaving the town by the road out past the port, but sneaking our way down to the beach to drive along to find the shipwreck. We drove past some fishermen’s huts, and a smaller wreck that had broken in two.


As we got up along the beach, we pulled up beside the ship, and it must have been the only time of the day when there were no other tourists there.


The mog looks small beside this ship

I had hoped to get a shot of the ship in the evening light when it lit up the side of the ship, but someone else had the idea to park their car beside the ship, and sit there for the rest of the day having a picnic.

This is the view from inside the ship.

View from in the ship



We spent longer looking for firewood than we did driving from one camp to the next! Anyway, this is where we got to today. It made a good overnight spot, and we shared it with 3 other vehicles. It was too windy to make a fire, but it’s still a nice place.




And I guess for the petrol heads, you might want to see the video  how we got here…


There were loads of little shorebirds feeding along the beach. They were so busy they did’nt seem to mind me getting close enough to take a few shots. That suited me fine!

You looking at us? Feeling Lucky? Well, do ya punk?


These little guys had Character! They sort of ran along the sand, just where the waves finished. The Snowy Plover (Charadrius alexandrinus nivosus) is a small shorebird distinguished from other plovers (family Charadriidae) by its small size, pale brown upper parts, dark patches on either side of the upper breast, and dark gray to blackish legs. (all credit to where ever allie found this out!)


Dinner time!



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