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Play it again Sam…

Posted by on April 10, 2012

Play it again Neils was more like it. We met Neils at a camp site in Imsouane Plage and he was based in a transit van he bought from the Scouts association of britain. Every day the faded logo on the side reminded me to be ready, ready for what i wondered. I then found out I needed to be ready for the most amazing kit out of a camping truck I’d ever seem. Merv thought we were pusing it with a fridge AND a freezer. And we have been impressed by Hilde’s food processor so she can make soup on the road. We’ve been amazed at the “white boxes” that automatically erect their satalite dishes so the owners do not have to miss a minute of their favourite TV programs. but nothing prepared us for Neils.

Neils was there to surf, and there were loads of surfers having a ball.

One of the best waves of the day

Wetsuits are for wimps it would appear...

This guy pulled loads of cool tricks

And these guys live for surfing. Nothing else matters. Back to the “be prepared” to take a look in Neils camper. As it turns out, Neils likes pianos, and decided to bring one with him. As you do.

Play it again Niels!

View from the Kitchen, Sufboard storage area through to the music room.

beside the kitchen, we can see the sitting room, then the Music room, and above that, the bedroom.

Enough of the surf scene, we had to keep moving North as we leave Morocco in a week or so. Next Stop, Casablanca. There are 2 things to see in Casablanca. One is the Mosque. It’s the only Mosque in Morocco that non-muslims are allowed to enter. They have offical tours than you can go on, and these are held in multiple languages to cater for the many tourists they get. The Mosque can have over 20,000 people praying inside, and another 80,000 outside. At one time. The roof opens when it gets too hot inside. Silently to not disturn the prayers – impressive for 2 doors, each weighing over 500 tons!

View from the land side

View from the sea side. Zoom in to take a look at the size of the people, who are still 50 metres from the tower....

What was really impressive was inside. The whole place was empty! At the top there are carpets for kneeling on, but not in the larger area. I cam ony assume there are carpets brought in for when they expect the hige crowds!

The floor is about as clean as it gets.

There are 2 wash areas, one for Men and one for Women. Both identical except for the color.

These are massive washing stations, for washing before prayers

The tower is 200 metres tall, and the only Mosque to have a lift. The doors are made from ceder wood covered in titanium so the metal will not rust.

Anyway, after looking around the Mosque, we pottered around the city until it was time for Dinner at Ricks, which was built to be like the restraunt of the same name from the 1942 movie, Casablanca. We had a really nice dinner there, easily the best meal we’ve had in Morocco. We timed our visit for Sunday evening as they have a live Jazz session. Needless to say, Merv wanted a photo of the piano to see was it as good as Neils…

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