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Our first taste of Spain.

Posted by on May 4, 2012

We are back on our merry way again. We’ve had a lovely week with Merv’s Mum an Dad who flew down to spend a week with us. We ate too much, drank to much and did’nt get enough exercise. Overall Merv thought it was great! In fairness they brought amazing weather with them, but at the end of the week they brought the good weather back home. Since they left, we’ve had wind, rain, thunder and lightening!

We also got to catch up with Sean and MaryJo, friends of ours from Kill, and had a great time with them in Estepona. Thanks for letting us “camp” in your driveway!

We are traveling to Madrid, and our route took us through El Torcal. This is a massive high plateau of limestone, and has very striking erosion lines through it. The whole park can be explored by foot, some easy trails, some difficult, and some that require a guide.

Amazing limestone formations in Torcal.

It has amazing views, all the way back to the coast at Malaga. There are some famous shapes in the limestone, for example “the wineglass”, which we presume was in the shape of a wine glass. The rocks were so abstract, you could make them look like anything you wanted.

They could use this place for making hobbit movies

We then traveled on to Cordoba. We managed to park on the edge of a building site about 60 metres from the “Roman Bridge” which is the start of the old town. Best room in the city 🙂 Cordoba is a place of considerable charm, fabulous architecture and magnificent patios where you can eat tapas and drink vino, what more can I say.

Puente Romano - The Roman bridge.

Once you cross the bridge which has been recently restored and pedestrianized, you wander into a square and here you see La Mezquita, (The Cathedral Cordoba) definitely not to be missed. This is a beautiful mosque, stands in the centre of the city, surrounded by the Jewish and Moorish quarters. It started life as a Mosque , but now has a cathedral in the middle of it.


Brick and Limestone arches at La Mezquita

I was’nt sure if I was standing in a Mosque or a Cathedral!

Moorish arches, Christian Grave, Mog persons feet...

After 2 nights in Cordoba, we headed on to Almagro, a very elegant little town, with loads of character. After a few days in a large city, it was great to potter about a small town. The Plaza Mayor is magnificent. It’s sort of a square, and sort of a wide street.

3 old local men walking in Plaza Mayor with their hands behind their backs.

There is always a copycat...

But I made friends too!

Making friends while practicing her spanish

The square is lined with rows and rows of green framed windows on both sides, and also here you can see lace makers at work with their bobbins and needles. I got a crash course, and ended up dizzy from watching them!

Then, it was on to Consuegra to see some of the windmills made famous in the story of Don Quixote. These were really stunning, and Merv was delighted at the stormclouds that were forming in the sky. We were able to stay the night in the picnic area at the windmills, which was very handy.

There are 11 restored windmills here, and the first one on the way up the hill is used as the towns tourist office. Well worth the visit.

The evening light beamed in underneath the clouds that were bringing us rain. Worked out ok.

This was taken in the morning, the light was not as kind.

The town below looks small on the plains

Each windmill has its own name

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