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Magic Marrakech

Posted by on April 6, 2012

Marrakech is a photographers dream, and nightmare at the same time, Merv Didn’t just dont know where to start! I’ll tell the story of our exploits there.


Sarah's Journal Marrakech, Page 1

Sarah's Journal, Marrakech Page 2

NOTE: The next few pages are just thumbnails, click on them to make them large enough to read.

Sarah's Journal Marrakech, Page 3

Sarah's Journal Marrakech Page 5

Sarah's Journal Marrakech Page 6

And this is what we saw:

Basket seller. He had a thousand baskets and the market had a thousand of him...

Bringing the bunnies for a walk...

Imagine being able to loose someone shopping in a shop that's about 12 feet long, and 4 feet wide

No one with a camera around? Grand, I'll pick my nose so.

Bikes, carts and donkeys can all share 1 lane on the roads. Good for them. Not so good for anyone else!

Then it all changes at night time. The open square gets busy, and out of nowhere dozens of restaurants are assembled and open for business.

Light pours from under the canvas roofs of each stall holder giving a sense of magic to Marrakech. If a flying carpet were to land in the square, I don't think I would be surprised.

In charge of the CousCous pot at the night market

Everybody pays in Marrakech

We had a shower of rain that evening, which made for a lovely reflective square with the lights.

Sarah almost got a new job in one of the restaurants.

How fresh do you want your Orange juice?

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