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Birdlife at Plage Blanche, Morocco

Posted by on March 9, 2012

Plage Blanche is a 40km+ long white beach. At the northern end, there is a river that flows into the sea, and this means there is a river valley that makes it easy to get to the beach. It also creates a large area fo non tidal water, and this makes a good location for birdwatching.

Flamingo in flight

I took about an hour or 2 early one morning to see what I could spot within walking distance of the truck. I could easily see some flamingos on the water, and I started towards them. It was a bit further than I remembered from the previous days hike! The flamingo’s are not so gracious while trying to take off!

Getting all that neck and leg out of the water is not easy!


There were the usual gatherings of Gulls, both mature and juvinile.

Geese on the wing


Here I come, ready or not

ChiffChaff (Phylloscopus collybita) – Thanks to Simon Parker & Facebook!

Plage Blanche Yellow Wagtail

Yellow Wagtail having a good look around.

Crested Larks cleaned up around picnic spots…

Always cleaning up…

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