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Bilbao – Great city in Northern Spain

Posted by on June 9, 2012

We are in Bilbao for the weekend, and it’s turning out to be a great city. There is an “Aire” which is a parking area specifically for motorhomes on one of the hills outside the city, right beside a bus stop for visiting the centre. We have been in for a look about, and it is the most laid back city we’ve been in yet.

The Guggenheim Museum

The exhibits in the Museum were a bit too heavy, or possibly arty-farty for us, so we did’nt appreciate them as much as some of the folks that were oohing and aaahing. They were certainly impressive, but the building is so stunning, the exhibits were left a little in the shade. The coolest ones were outside, a spider and a puppy. They don’t sound like much, but were pretty cool.

Spider at the Guggenheim Museum.

the flowery puppy

From there we went on to look around the City. In the “old Town” section, there are a lot of colorful and interesting characters which made for a super afternoon of Street photography.

Nice bag.

Umbrellas and Icecream.

Love the hair

Mr T Will love this catalogue. I love it when a plan comes together.

Pretty clear this is a Tobacco shop….

Great outdoor cafes all over the place.

Photographers everywhere

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