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And one for Stuart

Posted by on January 22, 2012

We have a great buddy, Stuart, whose hat is travelling with us. This hat is only allowed to be photographed in interesting places, and with interesting people. And as Stuart is one of the most interesting people you could hope to meet, I really hope that we make sure his hat gets to places that would meet with his approval.

We’ve stayed on 2 camp sites “proper” so far. both in Spain, and both good in different ways. The first one was so clean, tidy and clinicly perfect it was amazing Underfloor heating throughout the buildings, with Laundry, dog washing rooms, spa’s. doctors appointment rooms etc, but with rules about what you can and cannot do like you would not believe!

and then we had a night in a busier spot. Where folks usually stayed for years! They really did move in!

but in this campsite, we met one of the nicest guys we have met on this trip. He had the coolest spot, and the coolest camper. So, this is the spot for Stuarts hat!

This camper belongs to Niels, who is a long term wheeled house resident. His bus is his home, and he has an amazing job done on it.


This is not Niels first vehicle, he has been published before, and has his own website. Oh, and the color photos are for Adrian, who would’nt like me to get to pretentious by posting black and white photos all the time 🙂

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