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Spain – Around Madrid

Posted by on May 18, 2012

Well, we have been quiet on-line over the last week or so, but we’ve also been pretty busy. The mog needed a few things sorted, and I had to get stuck into that. No photos, but basically we got a leak in both an air line, and in the engine cooling system. All sorted now, so we’re back on track. Still have to sort out a battery issue, but no big deal.

We did however get to take a look at a few spots. Much of Spain has really old stuff, which I thought would be no big deal as we’ve loads of old things in Ireland. I was not really ready for some of the suff we got to see. Some of it was things the Romans built when they were here!

From here in Madrid, we head north. We are trying to get booked into a Spanish speaking class  in Santander, or somewhere similar. In the large cities, most folks we interact with speak English, so we’re not progressing like we had hoped. Time for some classes!


The Segovia aqueduct

The carousel at the at night

Watching for the shopper to return in Toledo

The amount of tourists in Toledo is incredible. Sticking out a mile by checking maps.

Folks walking the narrow streets in Segovia

sarah in Toledo

Despite the sunshine, it can be cool in the early mornings

unimog based photo safari truck, spotted outside of Madrid. For sale.

This little kid was having a ball running around in a Cathedral. I just loved the bright color she brought to such a serious somber place.

I had a couple of days to drive around some of Spain's smaller roads. They get pretty small!

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