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Other adventurers in Argentina, young and old.

Posted by on October 24, 2012

Looking good for 68 years

We met this lovely couple Klaus and Christina who were also traveling in their camping car, but the difference between them and us is that they have been traveling in the same camping car for 30 years and the car itself is 68 years old, but as Klaus says there is still a lot of places to see and living to be done. He himself is 74 years old, still full of adventure and spirit which is wonderful to see from somebody who has done so much already. He joked and said the car is nearly ready for the museum as it has already done over 600,000 kms. Whow, we both said, we have a bit of catching up to do! We just asked him about some places we wanted to see, routes to take, he didn’t even have to look at the map, he knew every place off by heart, and even told us of more we hadn’t heard of. We liked the image and energy that Klaus portrayed so much, we submitted a little insight story to the Ted Simon Foundation.

It’s the old dog for the hard road


Ruta 40 is a long quiet road for bikes

We also met Andrea and Anna, a lovely couple from Brazil who are traveling by bicycles, and as we drove by they were stopped on the side of the road, so we pulled up to see if they were okay, they were just mending a puncture, one of many they told us.(Little did we know that we would soon have our own puncture and wheel trouble). However, we asked would they like a cup of coffee, and who in their right mind would say ‘no’ to one of Merv’s special brews, so in they popped to the Mog as it was too cold to drink it outside and they told us that they too were en route to Usuahia for in or around Christmas time, they on bicycles, us in a truck, hmmmm. They travel between 50 and 80 kms per day, and then pitch their tent pretty much where ever they stop. The day before they met us they spotted a Puma in front of them on the road, weren’t too sure it was one at first, as they were tired after their day, but as they got a little closer they realized it was, and suddenly they had a new lease of life as they peddled very fast to get away from it, so as to pitch their tent in safety. Seeing a Puma is very rare here, so the fact that they were on bicycles, there was no noise, plus they were small ,and it meant that the Puma didn’t feel threatened by them. Really lucky guys seeing a Puma, envious!.

Guests in for Morning Coffee. As you do.


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