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An Artists piece of heaven in Mhamid, Morocco

Posted by on May 10, 2012

Nancy, posing in her artists retreat, Dar Sidi Bounou

When we were about to arrive into Mhamid, we were on the lookout for Dar Sidi Bounou, which is a guesthouse for musicians, artists and anyone with a sense of fun and life about them. The centre of all of this is Nancy, who very kindly let me take her portrait. Nancy hasn’t seen this yet, so I hope she is ok with the picture!


It’s a long time since we met someone as gentle as Nancy, who loves what she does with a passion.

We ended up staying for a couple of nights here, and it was superb. A must for anyone who wants a day’s down time, a little bit of comfort (moroccan style) and some great food to go with it.


Nancy and Daoud also keep a selection of drums and other instruments, and you can end up as part of an impromptu music session, just by tapping for foot, blinking or even breathing, all international signals to show you want to join in 🙂



Mixing paint for her next painting.


If you fancy staying there, you can check out their web site .



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