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Pick of the pics.

Overland Photography

These are a few of our favorite images from the trip so far.  If the slideshow is a bit too slow for you, click on an image to skip to the next one. Enjoy!



Overland Truck Travel background

These travel photographs are all from our overland journey that we’ve been on since 2011. Most images are in the blog posts, but these images never made it into the blog posts. We felt they were worth sharing, and we hope you do too!

3 Responses to Pick of the pics.

  1. wastedwords

    Yum,yum! Love the monochrome landscape especially….

    • Merv

      Cheers buddy!

      And a bonus point for watching that far through the slideshow! 🙂

  2. Lynn

    Love them ALL, but especially the “twisty mountain road” “mosque in the sea” and the “couple walking away” – beautiful Merv, and Sarah if u took a few too 😉 – you certainly star well in a few of the pics!! xL

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